Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dota Song

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Heroes in Dota

The new heroes in DoTA are all very fun to play, but which of them are the most useful in a game? One can argue the case for all the heroes but i think it would be a tie between Wisp and Far seer. Put Wisp in a lane with any carry and it's almost garuanteed you'll get kills. His tether and summoned spirits will increase MS of your alllies while slowing and stunning anyone that comes near.Wisp's 3rd skill is called overcharge and gives increased attack speed at the cost of a percentage of your mana. Wisp's usefulness is largely attributed to his ultimate, which teleports himself and any tethered hero to a location for 12 seconds before teleporting them back. This has many uses: Tp to save a hero from dying, TP to get a kill and run back, and the most useful way to use his teleport(in my own opinion), is to tether a hero and TP to fountain to heal and go right back to ganking. MOST USEFUL WHEN USED WITH URSA OMG SO GOOD.

 Thrall(Far seer) is the perfect hero for teamfights, with 3 skills that disrupt enemy formation and help win skirmishes. Thrall's Kinetic field is a circular barrier that traps enemies within it and perfectly sets up his ultimate, which is an AoE silence that also damages enemies caught within it's bounds. His 3rd skill, Glimpse,  is a great skill which sends an enemy hero back to where it was 4 seconds before being hit by the spell. This spell has so many uses: Glimpse a hero back to base when they tp to their outer tower(pretty funny how they waste a tp), Glimpse a hero backwards while chasing them, stop a spellcaster from channeling, Glimpse a hero from a teamfight to gain the advantage, or Glimpse someone from chasing  you. Thrall's 4th spell is a nuke that strikes the enemy and all around the target 3 times and also provides vision for the remainder of the spell's duration. MOST USEFUL WHEN USED WITH AXE OMG CALL RANGE=300, FIELD DIAMETER=300 EVERYONE INSIDE GETS CALLED AND SILENCED FOR 8 SECONDS :D.

Feel free to comment on your own combos and preferences. Dispute of best heroes is welcome.


Hey there, Many of you may be wondering where u can find me in a league. The league i play is is called TDA(team dota allstars) and you should head to tdabots.com/forums to find information on how to become eligible to play. Leave comments as needed ;-)